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They Made Me Feel At Ease
When I hired Lynn Carter to help me through one of the most difficult times in my life, she navigated the course of my divorce case in a most professional and personal way. We worked together under her direction to satisfy not only court requirements but to my own needs. She made me feel that she was working for me. She made sure my best interests were a priority. There wasn’t any question unanswered or requests held back. The firm’s personal website makes it easy for communicating, paying bills and uploading downloading documents. Lynn Carter made me feel at ease and at times reassured me the outcome of my case. It has truly been an honor working with Lynn and the Carter firm. I can’t express how much I appreciate all she has done and how much support she has given. I highly recommend the Lynn Carter Firm for your personal legal needs and know things will get done.

J. Phillips, Divorce Proceedings

I Got My Money Back!
I had a phenomenal experience with Lynn. Lynn assist[ed] me in pursuing a home builder that screwed me over. One month before I was scheduled to settle on my new home, the builder/preferred lender advised me that I would not be able to get the flooring that I selected. Even though this was a deal breaker for me, the builder refused to void the contract and refund my earnest deposit. The builder told me that flooring was not a condition to void the contract. Once I contacted Lynn she was prompt, professional and very straight forward. Because of the strict contract that I signed with the builder, Lynn and I both thought it would be impossible to settle this with the builder. 2-3 weeks after reaching out to Lynn, she was able to void the contract with the builder AND the builder agreed to refund my earnest deposit. I will definitely reach out to her again BEFORE entering another contract to purchase my first home.

D.J., Contract Dispute

Bless You, Ms. Carter!
In starting my divorce proceedings, my goal was to find someone who was competent, understood the situation, which in this divorce situation non-communicative and combative, and after much interviewing, I knew I had my attorney. Not only could she walk the walk, but talk the talk. Ms. Carter helped and counseled thru a very difficult situation and even said when I was wrong, which I was; her honesty and her professional demeanor was unmatched. She was honest and forthright and I wouldn’t have won this case without her, period. A joy and she was the best. She’ll be my attorney, always and I would have no one else to fight and win for me but Ms. Carter. SHE’S THE BEST. THANK YOU!!!!!

W. Watkins, Combative

Not Just About the Money
Ms. Carter is phenomenal! She’s professional, knowledgeable and very personable. I’ve been uncomfortable about lawyers because they all seem to just care about the money. However, Ms. Carter is passionate about helping people. She collects her money lol but hey she’s a business owner what do u expect. But most importantly she will make sure that she takes your case that she will work 110% to represent you well. Thanks Ms. Carter!

P. Shaw, Passionate Advocacy

Very Thorough and Professional
Ms. Carter helped me with a land boundary dispute. She was able to pull deeds going back to the early 1800’s when my family first acquired the land and put me in touch with the best surveyor who was also able to pull county documents proving my ownership. They were a great asset to me while also keeping expenses in mind.

S. Patton, Property Dispute

Keen Legal Knowledge
I met with Ms. Carter for advice regarding my pending divorce. She was professional and knowledgeable while remaining friendly and conversational. The meeting was easy and quick and she demonstrated a keen understanding of the law and common pitfalls. Highly recommend.

J. Patterson, Divorce Advice

She Leaves Nothing to Chance
I hired K. Lynn Carter in March 2017 for my custody case in Maryland. Because of her hard work and dedication, the case was dismissed on Monday, August 14, 2017. After my initial consultation with Ms. Carter, I realized that all the stress I had been under because of the child custody case and the previous representation of another attorney was over. Ms. Carter reassured me that she had everything under control and would be filing the necessary paperwork to get my case dismissed. Less than two week later, received 11 pages of legal documents for my review. It was evident that Ms. Carter had thoroughly researched my case and cited evidence that made it clear to me that she had spent countless hours working on my case. I later discovered that she had initially spent over 12 hours working on my case. It was evident that Ms. Carter had done a lot of research and was leaving nothing to chance.

Later, Ms. Carter wanted to make sure that I would not have to re-experience this legal battle so she went even further and filed additional paperwork so that the plaintiff could not refile the case in a different court. Ms. Carter was available at all times including nights and weekends with any concern or updates that I needed. If I had any questions or concerns, Ms. Carter was able to reassure me that she had everything under control. Also, unlike my experience with another attorney who charged me exorbitant fees for every call, text or email, Ms. Carter was the complete opposite. Not only were her fees extremely competitive but the quality of her work can be rated as highly effective. I will not hesitate in recommending Ms. Carter as an exceptional attorney. She made me realize that all attorneys are not the same. She can be described as driven, dedicated, trustworthy and very easy to speak to.

Joyce C., Custody Case